Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I love going to movies, well, I love going to things in general. I love going out to dinner, I love going to sporting events, concerts, I just love going places. I love the anticipation of movies, the previews, everything. I typically only go to movies that are rock solid picks to be entertaining films.

This Roger Ebert blog entry inspired this brief thought.  My favorite spot, at the beginning of the later rows, slightly off center, where the railings are so I can put my feet up.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The aversion to active living

Let us not misconstrue things, I am not advocating a hoofin it, Kerouacian lifestyle, which however romantic, can be a little listless. Active living, in my mind, is activity of the mind and body, and here is where a spiritual person would say, "And the soul".   We are a largely sedentary society. You sit in the car to go to work, or the bus, whatever is your poison, sit at a desk, come home, sit at the dinner table, then sit on the couch and watch t.v. Generalize much? Yes, and thank you. 
The large majority of us are more active than this, but in what way? Maybe you go to the gym after work and work up a sweat in a sterile, bland environment. Exhiliarting? No. Work, and hardly enjoyable? Yes.
This time of year, I get it, a "Health club" is our only choice during the week given that most of us go to work when its dark and return home in the dark. But on the weekends, get out and build that natural endurance. Get outside, breathe fresh air, push yourself, take out the fucking headphones and listen to the sounds of absolutely nothing at all.

When I talk about active living, it's not just physical, its mental. Our brain is a muscle, work it out. Think, reflect, read, learn, constantly.

Am I the epitome of this lifestyle? Not remotely. But writing this is a reminder to myself.  First blog in a long time, not smooth, I know, but I'll get going.